Surgery Reimagined

Performance-Guided Surgery

Next-level technology that completely changes the idea of what’s possible.

Welcome to the New Surgical Standard

Get ready to move beyond inefficiency, unpredictability and outdated technology in the operating room.
Get ready for Performance-Guided Surgery from Asensus Surgical.

Clinical Intelligence
Powering Peak Performance

At Asensus, we’re digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient, pioneering a new standard of surgery for increased control, less variability and consistently superior outcomes.

The Asensus Surgical Assurance Framework is at the heart of this digital interface, ensuring surgeons have advanced point-of-care knowledge to elevate their performance throughout every stage of surgery:


A machine learning-driven database for pre-operative simulations, enabling surgeons and their teams to deliver the best surgical outcomes


Perceptive real-time guidance through augmented intelligence, helping to guide better decision making, improved collaboration and enhanced information sharing during surgery


Performance analytics to help optimize surgical performance over time and set the groundwork for global standardization

Senhance®: The Ultimate in Surgical Control

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The Senhance Surgical System is turbocharging the Digital Laparoscopy landscape, providing surgeons with an unprecedented level of control, integrating innovative technological advances to help surgery become more instinctive, more responsive and more focused.

Standing Together & Celebrating Differences

We believe in contributing to a society that welcomes diverse voices and values differences in lived experiences, culture, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and neurodiversity. We are committed to ensuring that same environment for our employees – a culture where individuals feel safe, heard, and respected. We celebrate the uniqueness of our global workforce and know that only through inclusion, ongoing learning, and partnership can we succeed. Together we are all stronger.

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